If your company allow or want to allow users to connect to its vessel from remote locations, you would want to design a solution that helps your users connect easily to the network resources. However, you must also minimize the risk that an cyber attacker can gain unauthorized access to the same resources. Remote access solutions can dramatically increase the productivity and flexibility of users who work from home computers or from mobile devices such as laptops while traveling on the job. However, such solutions also increase the chance that an attacker will:

• intercept information as it travels between the remote user and your intranet

• make an unauthorized remote access connection by successfully impersonating a legitimate remote access user

• gain direct access to information that is stored on computers within your intranet

With the Precision Remote Access Box you’ll keep sensitive data behind your own firewall, under the security measures you already have in place. Every support session generates a detailed audit trail. And you’ll eliminate the risk of passing data through a third party.

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